Linktree's Commerce Links enable you to collect payments from your visitors directly on your Linktree profile. If you have selected PayPal as your payment provider, here is some additional information to help you out.

Supported account types

• Personal PayPal accounts
• Business PayPal accounts

For more information about PayPal accounts, see PayPal Support.

Supported countries

Available in more than 200 countries/regions around the world.

See PayPal's list of supported countries for more information.

Supported currencies

Supports 25 currencies:

Australian dollar, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, Chinese Renminbi, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, Israeli new shekel, Japanese yen, Malaysian ringgit, Mexican peso, New Taiwan dollar, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Philippine peso, Polish złoty, Pound sterling, Russian ruble, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Thai baht, United States dollar


Varies by location and account type. See PayPal fees for more information.

Payment options

Visitors will have the option to complete payment using a PayPal account or debit or credit card.

Successful payments

When a payment is made via your Linktree you will receive two emails:

  • A payment summary from Linktree, with any message or special instructions provided by the visitor.

  • Payment confirmation from PayPal

Disputes and chargebacks

View and manage disputes in your PayPal dashboard.

See PayPal: Disputes, claims, and chargebacks to understand more about dealing with disputes or chargebacks.

Learn More: You can review PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy to learn more about which activities are prohibited from using PayPal's services.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by emailing

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