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Linktree Conversion Tracking is a powerful tool that helps you understand what your visitors do after clicking on your Linktree. Want to know how many Linktree visitors are visiting a certain page, purchasing your products, reading your blog or filling out a form? Set up Conversion Tracking to learn these insights and more.

To get started, head to the Settings page to install Conversion Tracking. We’ll provide a small piece of code for you to install on any custom website, and then ask you what you consider to be conversions on this website. Once you start receiving conversions, you’ll be able to view these within your Linktree Analytics!

🔔 Note: Conversion Tracking is currently in Beta and we are working on key optimizations to improve this feature.

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How do I install Linktree’s Conversion Tracking?

You’ll first need to create your Linktree Conversion Tracking code, then add the code to your website. To do so, just follow the steps below:

💡 Tip: We recommend that you email these instructions to a Developer to make sure that your code is installed on your website correctly.

  1. In your Linktree Admin, head to the Settings tab.

  2. Under the Conversion Tracking section, hit Set up Conversion Tracking.

  3. Select the website you wish to install the code on and hit Continue.

    🔔 Note: If you don’t see the website you’re after in the dropdown list, create the link.

  4. Continue to generate your conversion tracking code. Copy the code, log into your website, then paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags.

    💡Tip: If you're trying to add this code to your Shopify store, you can add it under the theme.liquid file and search for </head> to paste it right before this code. You can learn how to find this in your theme editor or reach out to Shopify support for additional assistance in finding this code.

  5. Navigate back to your Linktree Admin and continue the prompts to test that your Conversion Tracking code has been successfully installed.

  6. Once successful, enter the URL for the page you want to start tracking as a conversion, then click Done. You can add more conversion events to track by clicking the + Add another event button.

    🔔 Note: We currently only support Page View conversion events (custom events are coming soon).

Where do I see the results of my Linktree Conversion Tracking?

Once you start receiving conversions, you can view the results in the analytics of each individual link - simply go to the Links page, and click on the chart icon underneath your link URL. If you’ve set up conversion tracking for that particular website, you'll see the total number of conversion events and the conversion rate for that link.

What does Conversion Rate mean?

We define conversion rate as the total number of clicks on your link that have resulted in a conversion. For example, if your Link A has had 6 link clicks and 3 conversions. Your conversion rate for Link A would be 50% (3 conversions / 6 link clicks).

Where can I add the Conversion Tracking code?

You can use the Conversation Tracking code on any website where you're able to access and edit the <head> tag to paste the code. Below are some examples of websites where you can add the code to track your links:

  • Shopify

  • Eventbrite

  • Ticketmaster

  • Wordpress

🔔 Note: Some websites require you to be on a specific subscription to access the HTML of the page to paste your code. For any assistance on where to add the code on these websites, please reach out to their support team for assistance. The customer support team here at Linktree don't have access to these websites to help and troubleshoot for issues you may have while adding the code to these websites.

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