Verified Badge on Profiles
Updated over a week ago

The blue verified badge on a profile lets your visitors know that your account is authentic. It can help increase trust in your brand and improve your profile engagement rates. It doesn't mean that Linktree endorses the content of your Linktree or that Linktree is liable for goods you might advertise through it.

Once verified, you can't change your username in your settings. Should you wish to change your username, please reach out to us.

To be eligible for a verified badge on your Linktree, you must meet our requirements, which we'll determine through our internal verification process. However, you're likely to get verified if you are a notable creator that's been verified on other social channels and your Linktree complies with our community standards.

To get started with your verification application, click here.

Once your application has been submitted, please allow up to five business days for the review and we'll notify you when it's completed. Thank you for your patience as we review your application to ensure the overall safety of the Linktree community.

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