Payment Provider: Venmo
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Linktree's Commerce Links allows you to collect payments from your visitors directly on your Linktree profile. The Venmo integration with Paypal allows you to receive these payments straight into your PayPal account. If you've selected Venmo as your payment provider, here's some additional information to help you out.

Supported account types

• Personal accounts
• Business accounts

Supported countries

Only available in the United States.

Supported currencies

Supports 1 currency type:
United States dollar (USD)

View our Currencies article to learn more.


See Venmo's fees page for more information.

Payment options

Visitors will have the option to complete payment using Venmo, PayPal, debit, or credit card.

Successful payments

When a payment is made via your Linktree you'll receive two emails:

  • A payment summary from Linktree, with any message or special instructions provided by the visitor.

  • Payment confirmation from Venmo.

Disputes and chargebacks

✏️ Learn More: You can review PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy to learn more about which activities are prohibited from using PayPal's services including Venmo.

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