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Web3 and NFT link types on Linktree
Web3 and NFT link types on Linktree
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We are diving in and offering new features to support our creators that want to build their Web3 community. To kick things off, creators can display their NFT gallery on their Linktree, change their profile image to an NFT that they own, and share NFT collections that they admire.

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Web3 and NFT link types

We've built NFT link types and features to enable our creators to jump into the Web3 space, allowing them to show off their digital art or share cool collections that they find in an NFT marketplace.

Currently, Opensea is the only marketplace that we integrate with, but we'll be adding more options in the future.

🔔 Note: NFTs must be minted on the Ethereum network. At this time, NFTs that are using the Polygon network won't work for our Web3 integrations, but we hope to have this option available in the future.

Web3 / NFT link types and features:

Tips for building a Web3 community

Beyond building a community of owners of your NFT, you can build a community of Web3 enthusiasts who own NFTs from different collections. Because the contract addresses for collections are available publicly, you can reward owners of other collections with exclusive access to your content and start building a Web3 brand for yourself.

Here are some ways you can distribute exclusive content with NFTs:

Mask your URL for extra security

A tokenized masked URL is a great way to manage visitors from sharing unlocked links with their friends. While sometimes this may be great for getting the word out, you may want to keep the access restricted to your community.

Add a Contact Form Link

A Contact Form Link allows you to collect your visitor's contact information through an embedded form on your Linktree. Since the form is embedded, it can't be shared after being unlocked. You can collect the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your visitors and use these to distribute unique benefits straight to them.

Add an Email Signup Link

Merchandise drops are a popular method of community building in the NFT community. If you're looking to send exclusive offers to your most loyal fans, you can collect your visitors’ mailing information using an Email Signup Link to conduct an exclusive merch drop.

Video Embeds

You can share exclusive media content with your visitors using Video Links that let you share unlisted YouTube and unlisted Vimeo videos which are viewable right on Linktree.

💡 Tip: You can change your privacy settings for your YouTube videos and for your Vimeo videos to have more control over who can watch your videos.

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