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How do I display my Bonfire products on my Linktree?
How do I display my Bonfire products on my Linktree?
Updated over a week ago

Here at Linktree, we've made it simple and easy for you to showcase your latest products, reach new customers, and increase your sales by displaying your Bonfire products on your Linktree profile.

🔔 Note: This feature hasn’t reached the Linktree app just yet, but you can still Bonfire store link in your web browser by following the steps below.

💡 Tip: If you don’t have a Bonfire account, you can create one for free here.

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  1. In your Linktree Admin, hit the + Add link button.

  2. Select View All to see our Link Apps and find Bonfire under the Make and collect money section.

  3. Give your link a Title.

  4. Copy your Bonfire Store URL and paste this in the URL field.

  5. A new Bonfire settings will appear below your link URL.

  6. Select to either Display a preview of my Bonfire Store or Go directly to URL.

And that's it!


What is the experience link for people that visit my Linktree?

Visitors can browse a collection of up to six of your Bonfire products directly on your Linktree. If they select “Shop all” at the bottom of the Link App, they'll be redirected to your Bonfire store page. If they click on an individual product, they'll be redirected to a checkout flow for that specific item.

Can customers shop directly from my Linktree?

No. They'll be redirected to your Bonfire store when they select the "Shop app" or click on a specific product tile. All the checkout transactions will be hosted on Bonfire.

Will Linktree see my sales figures?

No. All information about your orders and transactions will be managed through your Bonfire dashboard.

Can I choose the order that my products appear in my Linktree?

Currently, you're unable to choose the order of your products. Only the latest 6 products (or fewer, if you have less than 6) that you have in your Bonfire store will display as a carousel on your Linktree. We hope to provide you with more customization options in the future.

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