• Can I upgrade my account from “public” to private? Yes. The option to upgrade is available on the Billing page if you are an administrator of your organization.
  • How does Lintron connect to Github? We use OAuth2 and GitHub apps. Upon registering with Lintron, you will be asked to authorize us to integrate with your GitHub account. You will be able to choose which specific repos you would like Lintron to be installed in.
  • Can I transfer my Lintron account to another Github account? The easiest way to transfer your Lintron account is to invite the new account to your organization, and then link the new GitHub account to Lintron when prompted.
  • Why isn’t Lintron showing another repo on which I’m a collaborator? The most common cause of this issue is that the repo is in an organization that Lintron was not granted access to when you authorized it. Check your settings in GitHub to ensure that the appropriate GitHub organization is included.
  • Do you offer Github enterprise support? Yes. Contact us for information about our enterprise support.
  • Can Lintron check my entire repository all at once? Lintron currently only analyzes one Pull Request at a time. Lintron currently cannot check your entire repository. If you need to check your entire repository, we recommend doing that in your local development environment.
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