On March 20th,  we’re launching a new and improved fee structure which is simplified and flat (Until then, the current fee structure remains in effect)

The new fee structure is applied to all Liquid users.

Trading fees

  • Maker: 0.05% if paid in QASH*; 0.10% if not paid in QASH*
  • Taker: 0.05% if paid in QASH*; 0.10% if not paid in QASH*

Trading fees apply to all spot and margin trading pairs.

* The trading fees reflect a discount of 50% if fees are paid in QASH and the user has elected to pay trading fees in QASH by enabling the setting "Use QASH to pay fees" on their account page. Trading fees incurred in QASH by virtue of QASH being the base currency of any [CCY]QASH pair are not eligible for the QASH trading fees discount unless the "Use QASH to pay fees" setting has been enabled.

This discount is subject to change or withdrawal at Quoine's discretion.

Trading fee rebate (until further notice)

With effect from April 1st 2019, a variable rebate of trading fees (“Rebate”) is made available to users at the trading fee rebate rates indicated in the table set out below.

  • The Rebate will accrue regardless of fees being paid in Legal Tender, Digital Assets or QASH.
  • The Rebate will be credited to each user’s Liquid account in QASH.
  • Rebate subject to change or withdrawal at Quoine's discretion.

Trading fee rebate rates according to user's total trading volume for current month (USDe):

Liquidation trading fees

  • Additional liquidation trade fee: 0.20%

The additional liquidation trade fee is payable in addition to trading fees when positions are liquidated on behalf of a user.

Financing fee

A margin trader pays an "opening interest" at the moment the trade is started, and a "daily interest" at ~2200 UTC daily for as long as the trade is kept open. Both interests have one same rate which is decided by the lender.

Lending fee

Lending fee (loan interest fee) is 50% of Interest Transfer and is collected by Liquid from the lender whenever Interest Transfer is credited. 

Deposit & Withdrawal fee

Deposit/withdrawal fee for crypto: zero

Deposit fee for fiat:

Liquid does not charge fees for incoming fiat deposits. We credit to our customers what we receive from our banks and payment processors. If your deposit is not the full amount when credited to your Liquid account, the difference is always bank fee.

We are using the following banks and payment processors:

  • Swapforex (USD, AUD, SGD, EUR): zero fee
  • UAB Mistertango (EUR - for deposits within SEPA): Processing fee of 0.99 EUR is applied by UAB Mistertango. Note that if your account is also held at UAB Mistertango Lithuania, zero fee is charged.

Swapforex itself is a payment processor, not a bank. Transactions processed by Swapforex are subject to fees and charges imposed by their banks, which are in this case Raiffeisen Poland.

Deposits should be made in the currency that you wish to fund your Liquid account. Each of our bank accounts is designed for one specific currency. Failure to do so might result in the conversion fee charged by the banks.

Withdrawal fee for fiat:

Withdrawal fee collected by Liquid for fiat payments is deducted into withdrawal amount. 

  • USD: 5 USD
  • SGD: 5 SGD
  • EUR: 5 EUR
  • AUD: 5 AUD
  • JPY: Liquid fee 500 JPY + local bank fee (51 JPY if to SBI Japan, 258 JPY if to other Japan banks)

Payment processor charges:

  • Swapforex: 35.25 USD equivalent per transaction
  • UAB Mistertango (SEPA payments only): 0.99 EUR per transaction, or zero if the beneficiary account is held at UAB Mistertango.
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