All you need is to buy NFT on the Liquidifty marketplace and hold it until you would like to get special bonuses. There will be three types of NFT cards: Gas, Liquid, and Solid which represent three different statuses for LQT Launchpad membership.

LQT Launchpad members will be able to buy, sell, and trade these NFTs on the open market as they see fit. However, don’t forget that there’s value to HODLing them since the NFT owners get special access to the future LQT Launchpad IDOs, INOs, airdrops, and raffles!

This sales model is a great choice for reducing the market pressures: selling your NFTs won’t affect the price of others, and nobody will be able to market dump their NFTs on you.

The NFTs will be dropped into the market step by step. Thus, they will be released incrementally on a growth price curve based on sales: NFT cards for LQT Launchpad will be sold in 11 waves. The price for each wave will be 20% higher than the previous one.

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