When will we have the first drawing of Game NFT and $Cash prizes?

We will drop NFTs from the Game projects and draw Cash prizes after the first wave will be sold out. So users who buy NFTs in the first wave will have more chances for prizes.

How will pass draw for NFT cards holders?

We will announce NFT Game projects NFT before drawing for the NFT cardholders. Some important details:

- The more expensive NFT card you hold, the greater value you get;

- We will choose 2-3 NFT projects for a weekly draw;

Will we sell airdrop NFT from the Game projects on Liquidifty?

It depends on the game and blockchain. As you know, Liquidifty works with BSC. You will only be able to sell NFTs on Binance Smart Chain on Liquidifty. NFTs which work on other blockchains will be sent to your provided wallet.

What about the NFTs airdrop draw?

We will draw 3 NFTs for the GAS, Liquid, Solid memberships.

The higher Launchpad memberships level you have, the more value NFTs airdrop you will get.

We are going to draw 10-12 NFTs every week.

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