Listrak allows you to customize a message's send-time based on time zone and activity.


Selecting to send based on a contact's time zone allows you to send an email to subscribers at a specific time in their time zone. This is best used for campaigns that need to be delivered at a specific time.

The time you schedule your message for must be far enough in advance that the earliest time zone (UTC+14) for your send has not yet occurred.


Sending based on a contact's activity allows you to send a message to be delivered to them based on their activity.

FOR EXAMPLE: A college student may be most active at 11 PM, where a lawyer may be most active at 7 AM.

This type of send cannot be scheduled before 12 AM of the following day.


  • A notification will be displayed if the scheduled date does not meet the criteria referenced above.
  • Labels will indicate that the messages were sent using optimized send time or by time zone. These appear on the schedule messages, message history, and message activity pages.
  • As the emails are being sent over the 24 hour time frame, an In Progress label will be displayed that links to the Progress Monitor.
  • Contacts without a known location will be sent the message at the schedule send time based on EST.

You can access Send Time Optimization for email messages by following the below steps:

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to New Message.
3. Scroll to the When to Send section, directly after Message Settings.

By toggling Send Time Optimization to "yes," you will see two options to send based on: the contact's activity and time zone.

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