After launching a Replenishment campaign you may want to gather additional insights into what customers are purchasing after receiving the emails.

The Replenishment report is accessible through the Conversion Dashboard. In the navigation, go to Solutions > Solutions Conversion Dashboard.

Scroll the Revenue Breakdown section and then click on Replenishment name.

The chart views display the top five products, brands, and categories purchased by customers who clicked through a replenishment email. Products are broken down based on the number of items that fall into each of these groups. Click view more to view additional products purchased.

💡 Use the date filter options to look at reporting for specific timeframes.

In the next chart you will see additional information about your customers who placed these orders. This is a comprehensive list of orders attributed to your Replenishment Campaigns for the date range you have selected. Each row represents a specific SKU a contact purchased in addition to order number, order total, order item total and price.

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