Listrak CRM allows you to gain valuable insights into your customers. Create a CRM Audience to make your insights actionable. 


Create an audience from any Listrak CRM visualization that contains the contacts count measure. These audiences can then be used to segment your marketing campaigns or to trigger an automated solution. 

Follow the below steps to create an audience.

1. Navigate to a dashboard with a visualization containing the contacts count measure.
2. Select a data point to turn into an audience.
3. Click Create Audience.

4. Enter a Name

5. Click Submit.

You have now created a CRM Audience! You can save up to 50 CRM Audiences in your account. 


After your audience has been created, you can access it by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to Segmentation.
3. Then Audiences.
4. CRM Audiences are found under the TYPE: CRM AUDIENCES grouping. 

Now that you have created a CRM Audience you can use it in your marketing or automated campaigns. View the articles below for more information on how to use these audiences. 

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