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5 keys ways to make the most of LitterLotto
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LitterLotto’s all about getting a tidier, cleaner environment, with less harm to wildlife, less waste reaching our oceans, and more recycling. By playing your part, you not only get to feel good – you could also win big prizes! Follow our top tips to get you more chances of winning!

1. Look down, it's everywhere!

Walk along any street and you’ll probably notice a fair amount of litter. Sadly, it's something we have to deal with together! There'll be bottles, sweet wrappers, chewing gum, crisp packets and many more.

One of the biggest source of litter however, is cigarette butts!

There’s over 4 trillion of them dropped a year, and they’re full of nasty plastics and toxins that end up getting washed away and into our oceans.

On the positive side, that gives you over 4 trillion opportunities to enter LitterLotto, because each butt you dispose of in the bin using our App is another chance to win our jackpot as well as a random spot prize.

A word of caution though: We recommend you use gloves or hand sanitiser when collecting others’ litter – and please make sure all cigarettes are fully extinguished before disposing of them.

2. Discarded Packaging

It’s not just your own burger or chicken box that gets you an entry into LitterLotto! You’re never far from an empty crisp packet, chocolate bar wrapper, plastic bottle or any other packaging that’s been discarded. Don’t see them as litter - see them as more entries into LitterLotto.

You’ll get an entry into the LitterLotto for all litter you get rid of– but please be careful if you plan on picking up other people's discarded litter. We recommend you use gloves or hand sanitiser, to ensure you don’t catch any nasties from them.

3. Make it count

To make sure your entries count, you need to be aware of the rules. They’re simple enough and it’s actually easier to bin litter correctly than it is to cheat – but surprisingly there are still some that want to try it! In short, if you try and cheat, we’ll recognise it and none of your entries will count. Putting the same cigarette butt in the bin over and over? We’ll know. Thinking of emptying a litter bin and then putting it back bit by bit? We’ll know. And we know all the other ideas you’ve got too 😁

Please don't use LitterLotto when you dispose of items usually found in the home as household rubbish doesn't count - you can use your home bin to dispose of "on the go" food and drink packaging but not shampoo bottles, loo roll tubes, cling film, pet food cans and other domestic waste, please.

4. Perfect Pics

When you take your pic, your photo needs to have certain content for us to recognise it as a valid entry. Please help us to understand what we’re looking at by making sure your pic includes these 3 things:

  • The mouth of the litter bin you’re posting into

  • The product you’re binning

  • Your hand

The photo should be taken at the very point you’re about to let go of the litter.

Missing out any of these will mean we may not be able to understand it, which means you won't be able to win any prizes.

5. Have fun and spread the word!

Putting your litter in the bin shouldn’t be hard work but some reports suggest two-thirds of us drop litter. Yet everyone wants to live in a nice environment – and everyone wants to win huge jackpots!

So we’ve married the two and now it’s up to you. Invite friends and family to use the app (you’ll get extra entries for each one that starts using it – and a bonus if they win the jackpot)

So there you have it. The biggest littering problems and our top tips to ensure you’re using the LitterLotto app in the best way possible.

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