Any bin/ any litter?

Where and what litter can I bin?

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Great question!

Here at LitterLotto we regard litter as anything designed to be consumed or used 'on the go' and you can read more about this in our T's & C's.

Basically, if you're eating, drinking or using some packing whilst on the move, that packaging would be considered as litter. It doesn't matter the brand, material, shape, size or condition. We want to ensure that these bits of packaging end up in the bin and not left on the street or stuffed in the bushes, so whenever you have anything like this and pop it in the bin, make sure to submit it to LitterLotto via the app.

If you're out and about and you spot something on the street or in nature that shouldn't be there, we would also encourage you to pick that up and make sure it ends up in a bin (or the most appropriate receptacle). - Please be careful when doing this however and read our tops tips about staying safe if you're litter picking.

As for the bins you can use...

You can submit your litter into any bin, whether that's a public bin or a home bin, a big bin of a small bin. All we'd ask is that you don't overfill a bin and wherever possible to take the litter home with you as that provides a much higher opportunity for the litter to end up in the correct recycling stream.

We hope this helps and of course, please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions!

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