Congrats on winning a prize first of all!

Spot prizes vary in size, but in the UK they will be one of the following (prizes will be similar in different regions and currencies);

£1, £2 or £5, £50 or £250

The app should have told you when a prize was won straight after your submission, but if for some reason you missed that screen and explanation the easiest way to find out is by going to your 'transaction' screen. You can navigate to this screen by clicking the piggy bank icon on the bottom of your screen 🐖.

On that screen the app will show how much you've won int total and how many wins you've had as well. Also on that screen you can click 'claim my prize' and get access to the form in order to claim your prize and get a payout.

We hope this helps, but if you've got any other questions, please get in touch!

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