When we started LitterLotto we were on the lookout for ways to encourage people to make sure that litter was binned responsibly and saved from ending up on the streets or harming nature and wildlife.

We came up with the idea to incentivise people to do this through prizes and we've started with cash prizes. (As we grow and expand we plan to bring new forms of prizes onto the app as well).

The question here however, is 'how can we afford to do this'?

This is where our amazing partners come in...

We're super pleased to have worked and be partnered with some amazing companies, such as McDonald's in the UK. These partners help to fund the prizes and keep the lights on here at LitterLotto.

These partners are very aware of the issue of litter and also want to be involved in the solutions to solve it. As we grow we're always looking for new partners, so if you're reading this as a business and want to know more, please do get in touch, we'd love to have you!

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