We'd be honoured if you invited friends, family, your postman... Whoever really to join LitterLotto!

To do that you simply go to the 'community' screen (just click the icon that looks like two people) and then go to 'invite friends'. On that screen you will see all of your contacts pop up and then at the top a referral link.

If you copy that referral link you can share that wherever and with whoever you like!

You can also share to social media by clicking the Twitter, Whatsapp or share buttons.

If someone signs up through your referral code we can see it on our system and you will be assigned a bonus entry to the jackpot.

This doesn't currently show on the app, but it is something that we see behind the scenes!

Thank you so much for being awesome and sharing LitterLotto with people you know.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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