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Rubbish News - Fourth Edition
Rubbish News - Fourth Edition
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Apparently it's not just LitterLotto providing financial windfalls for people interested in litter and dumps...

Hundred dollar bills drifting in the air and buried under rubbish: a 'green fever' has struck an Argentinian town where residents have gathered a small fortune believed to have been hidden in a closet discarded at the local dump.

Unconfirmed reports of more than $75,000 collected at the dump at Las Parejas in central Argentina in recent days have piqued such frenetic interest that authorities have had to close the facility.

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Coventry street corner where rubbish is piled so high it's picked up by Google Earth

A street corner in Coventry is such a hotspot for fly-tipping that the city council is considering putting up CCTV in to deter dumpers. The intersection of Clements Street and Villiers Street in Stoke is piled with rubbish every few days, locals say.

This week saw a fresh mound of junk made up mostly of bagged rubbish along with sofas, a mattress and child's pram. A passer-by told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) that "there's a new pile every three days" on the corner.

Fly-tipping neighbour dumps poo in garden...

A dad has left people online in stitches after he used his detective skills to find the owner of several bags of rubbish that had been left in his garden - including a poo-filled nappy.

Josh Hooper, 26, was less than impressed when he woke up one morning to find piles of bin bags that had been thrown into the skip that is currently in his garden as he's busy renovating his home.

A dear Womble friend passes away.

Sadly, Bernard Cribbins, the Wombles' narrator passed away at 90 years old.

Actor, comedian, singer and raconteur: he had a go at everything from Shakespeare to pantomime, Jackanory to Top of the Pops.

He was the voice of the Wombles, Catherine Tate's cuddly grandpa in Doctor Who, and the irate-but-soft-hearted station master who tugged at our heartstrings in 1970 film The Railway Children.

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