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Phoebe Our Weekly Jackpot Winner
Phoebe Our Weekly Jackpot Winner
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Phoebe, is our latest weekly binner winner!

The Nottingham based litter picker isn't sure what she's going to spend the money on, but she's got some interesting ideas...

Phoebe, the accounts clerk found out about LitterLotto through Instagram and instantly felt that it was 'love at first sight' and she has been using the app ever since.

When asked how often she picks up litter and uses LitterLotto, Phoebe said:

"I'm a pretty avid litter picker and I always use LitterLotto. I tend to go out a few times a week, for up to 4 hours a time.

You can get money for doing the right thing, it's a great motivator and helps the environment. Win win!"

(When she's not picking up litter she's busy making glass beads and sculptures!)

Phoebe lives in Nottingham with her husband and black and white cat. She thinks she'll be spending the money on a new phone and some new litter picking equipment... We can't think of anything better!

Congratulations to Phoebe, her husband and their lovely cat!

Love from The LitterLotto Team. ❤️

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