David, our latest weekly binner winner!

So, here he is; David, our latest binner winner.

David is an avid litter picker from Cheshire and found out about LitterLotto whilst he was in a McDonald’s with his granddaughter.

He was using LitterLotto as a way to track his litter picking activity and never expected to win a jackpot, so when he received the call he was rather surprised (as you can probably tell by his picture).

David said he’ll be splitting the winnings with his granddaughter and will be putting the rest towards some new litter picking equipment and clothing.

He not only litter picks but he also recycles every bit that he can too.

David is truly a worthy winner of this week’s jackpot and we hope he continues up his amazing efforts for many years to come!

Congratulations again David.

And some of our previous winners;

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