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Naomi Our UK Weekly Jackpot Winner
Naomi Our UK Weekly Jackpot Winner
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Naomi hails from the lovely county of Nottinghamshire and came across LitterLotto when she was reading a council leaflet talking about ways to encourage more people to bin their litter. As soon as she saw it, she downloaded it and started binning and winning right away.

Naomi lives in a rural area, but is always amazed at the amount of litter she spots on her walks.

She uses the app almost every day when she’s out and about or when she’s walking the dog. She had a bit of a hunch that she had won the jackpot as she spotted her winning image on Instagram, so was waiting patiently the whole day for the call!

When asked what she’s going to use the money for, Naomi said;

“Our kitchen is over 20 years old and desperately needs a revamp, so I’m going to put this towards new tiles and a new worktop to really brighten up the space! I’ve already been looking at tile choices online and this money is going to allow me to buy the tiles that I really really wanted! My kids are huge Harry Potter fans so I’m going to use some of the money to take them to the Warner Bros Studios during the summer holidays.”

We can’t wait to see the renovations and some lovely snaps from Harry Potter World.

We’ll leave the final word to Naomi, who said;

“Litter Lotto has actually motivated me to be more active and get fit! I started the couch to 5k program 6 weeks ago and have been collecting litter regularly on my jogging route!

So, ​​give it a go! It’s free, lots of fun and you’ll get real satisfaction from knowing you’re helping to keep your town tidy.”

Congratulations again to Naomi, her husband, two kids, Rosie the dog and Hedgie the African Pygmy hedgehog.

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