Kazzy is from Pembroke, West Wales and found out about LitterLotto from a Facebook group she’s a part of.

When Kazzy isn’t out and about litter picking she’s studying for her PhD on play in children as well as running a dressmaking business on the side, she’s quite a busy lady!

When asked what she intends to spend the money on, she said: “I have had a broken washing machine for months and have been taking weekly trips to the launderette so this magnificent win is DEFINITELY going to pay for a new washing machine. I am also going to treat myself to a block of piano lessons as I have wanted to learn for ages!”

We’re so pleased that we could help to get her a new washing machine and contribute towards yet another of Kazzy’s wonderful hobbies and interests.

Kazzy is married to her artist husband Lee and the live in a wonderful pink bungalow with her son Sam, Dexter the Border Collie who is almost 12 years old and Frida the Collie/Lurcher Cross who is 16 months.

When asked why people should download LitterLotto she said;

“Honestly I think it is genius, and I would say download it and get binning! It really is my favourite app and I love the principles of being rewarded for binning litter. I really do think it is an innovative way of cleaning up our villages, towns and cities and encouraging new habits in those who litter.”

Finally she shared that her husband Lee might need to clean his car more regularly:

“Last year my husband Lee was a runner up in a messiest car competition. I cannot even sit in his car it is so full of all his snack wrappers. Given how I am obsessed with putting everything in the bin I definitely need to show Lee how to use LitterLotto and to get binning his snack wrappers.”

What an incredible, enthusiastic and joyful winner!

Congratulations Kazzy and happy binning.

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