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Mariola Our UK Jackpot Winner
Mariola Our UK Jackpot Winner
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Intensive care nurse, Mariola was our lucky February Jackpot winner. She bagged herself a whopping £10,000, just by binning litter. Mariola, the married mum of two, from Southampton was absolutely gobsmacked and lost for words when she received the exciting call from Simon, our Lord of Litter.

After finding out about LitterLotto on Twitter, Mariola started using the app every day and whenever she saw litter on the street, or if she had any litter of her own.

Mariola said; “When you use LitterLotto you can win money and help the planet at the same time, so keep going, it’s such a good idea and it’s brought so much joy!”

Simon, our Lord of Litter said; “Making the phone calls to our jackpot winners is one of, if not the best part of my role at LitterLotto. I feel a huge rush of adrenaline when the winner answers the call and I get to tell them the amazing news. Mariola was so lovely and so thankful to us, but we’re even more grateful to her and to all of our incredible users who are using the app to incentivise responsible binning of litter!”

So far, thanks to our exclusive partnership with McDonald’s we’ve been able to give away more than £100,000 as cash prizes and we absolutely love seeing new winners pop up every day.

There’s not long left until our March Jackpot is won, so keep those entries coming because you’ve got to Bin It To Win It!

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