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Janice Our UK Weekly Jackpot Winner 🎉
Janice Our UK Weekly Jackpot Winner 🎉

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Meet Janice, our latest weekly binner winner!

Lucky litter picking Janice was completely caught off guard when we made the winning call to her!

She's always picking up litter when she's out and about and said;

"I pick up litter every day walking to work, shopping, trips out, walking to exercise.. all that bending helps keep me fit, I hope!."

Janice found out about LitterLotto through a website called and has been using the app ever since.

She currently works as a data recorder and plans to spend some of the money on a new laptop, apparently her old one is ready to start collecting it's pension!

Very excited and encouraged to do more litter picking thanks to her win Janice is on a mission to clean up her area of Plaistow, which sadly has a lot of litter... Or as we like to call it, entry tickets!

Finally, when asked what he'd say to someone who hasn't downloaded and used LitterLotto yet, they said;

"Give it a go! The app is easy to use, if you’re like me you pick up litter anyway.. so why not? Personally, I hate plastic and the thought of it ending up in the sea…so it makes me feel useful to bin it.."

Thank you Janice and congrats again!

Love from The LitterLotto Team. ❤️

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