A big shout out to one of our LitterLotto Legends!

The whole LitterLotto team would like to give a big shout out and our thanks to one incredibly enthusiastic and energetic LitterLotto Legend; Sandra Brown!

Sandra has been so supportive and excited about LitterLotto, she's been going around her local area and making sure that shops have a LitterLotto poster on their windows. Not only this, she also managed to get us mentioned in her local paper.

It's absolutely incredible and we're so grateful for it.

Please keep being awesome Sandra!

LitterLotto for Crows?

It seems that some innovative individuals have decided to train some crows into being litter pickers! Although we firmly believe that we should all do our part, it is always interesting to hear new ideas! These specially trained crows now have the ability to spot certain items of litter, pick them up and deposit it to a safe place, in return for some food.

Perhaps we should re-engineer LitterLotto and create BeakyBinners!

A dog's dinner...

Some poor unsuspecting dog owner got a pretty nasty surprise thanks to some less than responsible litterbugs this week.

During a walk the dog spotted a nice little package and decided to go rummaging...

We think these litterbugs need to hear about LitterLotto, maybe then they'll stop leaving their 'waste' around public areas.

A sticky issue 💭

Councils around the UK are working hard to fight the growing number of chewing gum drops on streets. Keep an eye out for some LitterLotto related news in the coming few months on that one.

Please feel free to mention us to any of your local councillors, we love introductions from our community! 😜

And finally, some fishing!

Some fishers have started to take the problem of litter in our seas into their own nets!

The same rules apply... Pictures of the litter going into the net please and thank you.

That's all from Rubbish News, see you next week.

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