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Litter pickers clean up Edinburgh

A strike by GMB and Unite members meant that litter and bins weren't cleared by the council during the month of August, this happened in particularly high footfall times surrounding The Fringe Festival and so, a group of litter pickers stepped up! 🦸‍♀️

Thank you so much to those individuals, we hope you had LitterLotto downloading and got a chance to win some much deserved prizes...

On the Fringes...

Don't litter near Carole Malone

TV present this week said;

"I do not care if it is in the street, the countryside, the beach, wherever - I actually want to hurt them. It is a visceral reaction, one that I literally cannot control."

So, our advice is to make sure you bin your litter responsibly (and hopefully through LitterLotto), but if not, to avoid Carole Malone!

Loose Woman on Litter

No more rubbish excuses

This week North Lincolnshire Council increased the number of bins in the Crosby area, as well and having more regular street cleaning as well. We hope even more councils start to take note!

And of course, if you're a council and you're interested in working with LitterLotto, please let us know!

LitterLotto for Lincolnshire!

Pick up litter and get fitter!

Boro Fit Pickers, run by Middlesbrough Council’s Environment team, has launched this week, and people are being encouraged to sign up.

The new initiative encourages people to reap a whole host of health benefits, keeping their heart and the environment healthy by litter picking in their local area.

Litter picking reduces blood pressure

Takeaways asked to do their bit...

A new government initiative has just started and a number of councils are already putting these requests into place, such as Gateshead Council which has ordered new takeaways to provide litter bins for customers.

Takeaway the mess!

Rubbish Results!

And finally... We'd like to wish everyone who got their exams results this week a big congratulations. If you've done well, that's amazing and we'd love to hear from you and celebrate with you, *and if you haven't done as well as you'd hope we'd also like to hear from you and see some pictures of you binning your results...

After all, you've got to #BinItToWinIt!

Exams are rubbish... 😜

P.s. Don't forget, please let us know if you want to become a #Binfluencer

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