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Valerie Latest Jackpot Winner!
Valerie Latest Jackpot Winner!

She uses the app pretty much every day

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Here's Valerie, our latest weekly binner winner!

Valerie, the LitterLotto Legend has been plugging away for months and months now and it's finally paid off (literally)

Mother, stepmother, foster mother and wife, Valerie is a busy soul.

And when she's not tending to her family or her four rabbits, she's out and about covering over 20,000 steps and picking up any litter around her.

Rather excitingly, she uses the app pretty much every day unless it is raining;

"I love the long walks and I can’t go without my litter picker and high viz jacket. I carefully sort my litter between Terracycle, stretchy plastic, tin cans, recycle and landfill bins. It feels good to try and make a difference to our planet.

So, much to the annoyance of my husband, I have lifted some pretty unpleasant pieces of litter. I won’t tell you what they are or you will have to edit them out. But a couple of funny ones included a blonde wig, a single piece of a jigsaw, and multiple bottles of pee....

At least they reused them."

Valerie found out about LitterLotto from her husband who heard a radio clip about it and suggested that she downloads it and she was instantly hooked! The odd spot prize keeps it fun, and combine that with the genuine thanks from neighbours, it's a great way to spend time!

Not only does Valerie look after her own family, but she's also sponsored a Ukrainian family of 5. They are moving into a new house close to her and their back garden needs landscapes. So she's going to put her winnings towards that! - Amazing

Finally, when asked what she'd say to someone who hasn't downloaded and used LitterLotto yet, they said;

"Seriously you haven’t downloaded it yet…come on. What are you waiting for? It makes doing the right thing fun!"

Thank you Valerie and congrats again!

Love from The LitterLotto Team. ❤️

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