Here's Elaine Bunce, our latest UK Jackpot winner...

Elaine walked her way to jackpot victory with LitterLotto this week!

The supermarket worker from Wiltshire found out about LitterLotto from her sister and couldn't quite believe it when we gave her the call.

You can see Elaine here with her litter picking niece, Vanessa who regularly helps Elaine out on her litter picking activities.

Elaine picks up and spots most of the litter she bins whilst on her way to the gym or for a swim.

When we asked her what she plans spending the money on she said;

"A new washing machine and a life time membership for woodlands trust Β£350.

I'll give some to my favourite horse charity Redwings, get some new trainers because of all the extra walking I have been doing and something for my 4 year old niece as she helps me spot litter when we are out.

And finally (if I have some leftover) I'll buy some vegan chocolate so I have the energy to pick up more litter."

Sounds like a great plan to us!

In the words of Elaine if you haven't already downloaded LitterLotto;

"Download it today! And make sure you keep using it, I won a few prizes from my litter picking and now I've won Β£1000 as well!"

Congrats Elaine and Vanessa, keep being awesome!

The LitterLotto Team

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