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Is Little Spoon Packaging Recyclable?
Is Little Spoon Packaging Recyclable?

Sustainability and Recycling With Little Spoon

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At Little Spoon, our dedication to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our packaging, ensuring that we not only provide safe and healthy meals for your little ones but also contribute positively to our planet's health. Here’s what makes our packaging environmentally friendly:

100% Curbside Recyclable:

  • All packaging materials used by Little Spoon are designed with recyclability in mind. Our goal is to make the disposal process as convenient as possible for our customers, supporting efforts to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Material Composition:

  • Containers: Crafted from #1 PET plastic, known for its strong recycling capabilities and acceptance in curbside recycling programs across many communities.

  • Lids: Made from #5 PP plastic, which is also widely accepted in curbside recycling programs, ensuring that every part of our packaging can be recycled.

Safety and Sustainability Standards:

  • We are committed to safety and sustainability, ensuring all our packaging materials are BPA-free and Phthalate-free, eliminating exposure to harmful toxins. This commitment extends to both the well-being of your family and the environment.

Encouraging Recycling:

  • We actively encourage our customers to participate in recycling our packaging. By choosing Little Spoon, you're not just making a healthy choice for your child but also a responsible choice for the environment.

Together with our customers, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint and promote a sustainable future. By recycling Little Spoon packaging, you play a crucial role in our shared effort to protect the planet for future generations.

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