There’s nothing sadder than a babe with the sniffles, so we want to help keep those icky germs at bay with our Sniffle Shield Booster. Sniffle Shield contains organic elderberry powder, prebiotic chicory fiber frutooligosaccharides (FOS), vitamin C, organic spinach powder, vitamin E, and zinc.

Sniffle Shield is great at boosting your mini's immune system so it can help to prevent colds. If your babe has already caught a bug, Sniffle Shield is a great option to help give their immune system the added support it needs while they fight off their cold!

Our Sniffle Shield Booster does contain elderberry; we recommend treating elderberry the same way you might treat other solids you introduce to your kiddo! Like other powerhouse fruits & veggies, elderberry is known to help boost the immune system. Once your baby is on their solids journey, our Sniffle Shield Booster is a great option for you to help kick sick days to the curb!

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