Whether your babe is needing some extra iron in their diet or you just want to give their developing brain a boost, Wiz Kid has your back. Each stick of Wiz Kid has 100% of the daily recommended value for infants of vitamin E, vitamin C, and iron, as well as 125mg per serving of Omega-3 DHA for brain health. Our DHA is also vegan, sourced from algae - the same algae that fish munch on, which is what makes fish such a great source of DHA!

Traditional iron supplements can be tough on little tummies, but we specifically sourced ingredients in Wiz Kid that are gentler on sensitive stomachs. Wiz Kid is also all-natural and clean, without any of the preservatives, additives, and empty calories found in many iron-fortified cereals. And because we specifically source a micro-encapsulated iron that enables better absorption and eliminates that harsh metallic taste, Wiz Kid is a lot easier to give to your mini than those messy drops.

Wiz Kid can be used once daily - we recommend mixing in food to help with absorption. And make sure to chat with your pediatrician before introducing Wiz Kid if your mini is on an iron-fortified formula.

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