Little Spoon specifically sources a probiotic strain that is clinically tested on babies and children and is known to be effective in helping to boost the immune system and strengthen the gut. The strain we use in our Gut Feeling and Poopie Power Boosters, Lactobacilus Rhamnosus DSM 6594, has been shown to survive digestion and make its way to the large and small intestine - right where we want it to be! Probiotics are measured in CFU’s, which stand for “colony-forming unit”; this refers to the number of live and active micro-organisms that are found in each serving of the probiotic. Gut Feeling contains 3 billion CFUs, and Poopie Power contains 1 billion CFUs.

It’s a common misconception that all probiotic supplements contain dairy or need to be kept refrigerated. Our probiotic Boosters will be just fine stored in a cool, dry place (like your pantry or cupboard), and both of our probiotic Boosters are completely dairy-free. When it comes to mixing our probiotics, you can mix them in cold or warm food or liquid, like a Babyblend fresh from your fridge or your mini’s morning bottle. We recommend avoiding using high temperatures with the probiotic Boosters to maintain the efficacy of the probiotic.

Probiotics can be given from birth, but definitely check with your doctor before starting your baby on a probiotic. When you do talk with them, we’re sure they’ll tell you all about the amazing benefits of probiotics! Research suggests they can help improve gut health, strengthen the immune system and even help manage skin rashes and eczema. The strain we use in our probiotic Booster, Gut Feeling, was tested clinically and was shown to increase the content of bifidobacterium and lactobacillus in babies' stool samples. These are "good" bacteria that help support things like your baby's gut and immune system.

We’re pretty passionate about gut health and probiotics, so we sat down with a scientist & child nutrition specialist to talk in depth on the infant microbiome (and if you're wondering what a microbiome even is, don't worry, she shares all!). If you're interested in the read, check it out HERE !

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