Our Babyblends are made fresh in small batches in our kitchen in Southern California, and are shipped fresh to your home. Cold Pressure, which is an alternative to heat pasteurization. This kills harmful bacteria while locking in all of the good stuff like vitamins, nutrients, taste, color and texture. This is a proven food technology used for many other products (cold pressed juice and hummus included) that ensures our product is totally safe. Cold pressure is so amazing that we don't need to add any additives, preservatives, colors or stabilizers. Because of this, the food is perishable. Please be mindful to keep your Babyblends refrigerated until feeding time!

Your Babyblends will stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days from the time they arrive at your home. Because we don't use any preservatives or additives, Babyblends are perishable, and any food leftover after the 14 days should be discarded. Opened Babyblends should be consumed within 48 hours, staying refrigerated between servings.

If you plan to freeze your blends, you should move them to the freezer when they arrive to your home. Please be sure to use a sharpie to write the date of freezing on each container. Blends should be consumed within 3 months of freezing. For best taste and texture, serve the meal within 24 hours.

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