The best way to create healthy eaters is by being one yourself. Show your kiddo how healthy food is delicious and fun to eat and they'll get the hint.

One tip that's helped a lot of our families is to practice sitting in the high chair before you start eating. It can be tricky to experience so many new things at once so familiarizing your baby with some of the sensations can really help. Put a small amount of the puree on your baby's table or high chair tray and give them a chance to play with it. That squishing and exploring helps them get used to the textures and they may even try to bring a bit to their mouth! When you decide they are ready for you to spoon feed them it won't be a totally unfamiliar feeling.

Timing meals around milk can be really helpful to ensure that your baby is hungry but not starving. It helped to wait about an hour after a bottle or nursing to sit down and get the spoon out. Starting with one meal a day works for most people. If you or your partner is nursing it can also be helpful to time the meal around when their supply is lowest during the day.

Since we want your mini to have positive associations with meal time, don't force it if they aren't feeling it. It's best to catch them when they are happy and alert so if your baby is fussy try again later.

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