Starting out:

At 4-6 months when you decide to start solids, your babe's very first meal should be a small amount of a single-ingredient puree, around 2 teaspoons. As your baby gets used to the experience you can gradually increase to 2 tablespoons.

If your mini isn't into it the first time, try again in a few days. Their reaction to new tastes may seem like rejection but they are processing the new experience. Don't give up and keep trying. Exposure is key and it can take 10-15x before your baby will accept a new flavor or texture.

Getting the hang of it:

Around 6-8 months you've likely established a routine and your baby is more comfortable with food. At 8 months many babies are doing two meals or around 8 oz of purees a day. This is the time to explore with a wide variety of foods and fun combos to expand their palate. You may be ready to start introducing more textured foods. Incorporating a lot of the same tactics as when you started solids in the beginning can help with new textures and temperatures. Let your baby touch a bit of the food and play with it. That tactile experience can help prevent aversions to different textures.

Experienced eaters:

By the time your baby is between 8-12 months you'll have a well established mealtime routine. You can expect to be doing 3 meals per day and incorporating snacks as well. You may also noticed that your little one might be ready for table foods so you can start to gradually offer soft finger foods that you can easily smash between your fingers.

Your baby's pediatrician will be paying attention to their weight gain and growth at all of your check-ups. If your mini's doc sees a strong and steady growth curve then your baby is most getting the right amount of food.

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