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Do babies get constipated when starting solids?
Do babies get constipated when starting solids?

Dealing with a blocked-up baby? We’ve been there.

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Constipation is definitely normal in babies, especially when they start solids. We have a few tips to help relieve your baby's discomfort when they're backed up.

  • Massage – Massage their belly in a clockwise, circular motion with two fingers to help relieve gas that can cause constipation. Make sure to warm up your hands before and use a gentle lotion to help get your mini more comfortable.

  • Exercise – If your baby isn’t doing tummy time yet you can still help them get a workout that can give them some relief from gas and constipation. Bicycle their legs or touch their toes to their nose to help. Gas is often the reason for discomfort when your baby is backed up so this helps relieve the pressure.

  • Extra liquids – Babies get their hydration from breastmilk or formula but sometimes a little extra is needed when they’re constipated. A small amount of water or 100% apple, pear or prune juice in their bottle is a great way to get extra liquids and relieve uncomfortable constipation.

  • A warm bath – A nice warm bath can help relax your baby and get things moving as well. When your baby is relaxed they’ll stop straining and that will relieve their discomfort.

  • Rectal thermometer – When all else fails you can coat a rectal thermometer with petroleum jelly insert the tip and turn it gently in a circle. This usually helps baby poop within a day.


  • Cereals – These can be helpful when your baby has diarrhea but when your mini is backed up it will just make the problem worse. Avoid rice and oatmeal until things start moving again.

  • Bananas – Bananas can be binding so focus on fiber rich foods and keep the bananas on hold until things get moving again.

  • Dairy – Dairy can often be a constipation culprit. If you are breastfeeding cutting dairy temporarily can help resolve things (sorry mom!)

  • Laxatives, enemas or mineral oil should be avoided in infants. Their little bodies just aren’t ready for those types of treatments yet so best to stick with natural remedies.

    If you're concerned with how long your baby has gone without pooping (5 days or more) contact your pediatrician for advice on how to get them relief.

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