Our newest product, Transition Meals, have been designed to help ease your babe into the finger food stage. They are thick, very textured, and made to help your little one tolerate lumps, chunks, and varied textures. Studies show that offering textured foods helps foster great eating habits down the road and that babies who are introduced to lumpy food after 9 months have a harder time adapting to new textures and can end up being "picky" with less likes and more dislikes.

We think it's important to focus on signs of readiness rather than age in order to determine if it's time to try Transition Meals. Some babies will be ready at 6 months while others might show readiness at 8 months or later. Keep an eye out for the following signs that it's time to give them a try:

  • You baby is doing great with thick smooth purees.

  • You notice your little one moving food around their mouth with their tongue.

  • You're beginning to notice chewing movements at meal time.

It's important to know how to recognize these signs and bump up the texture accordingly, and that texture can be difficult to get babies to love right away. Exposure to a variety of textures and flavors is key, so don't give up if it takes more than a few tries!

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