Many times, Facebook will require you to reset your token for Facebook Live.  This happens only when you reset your Facebook Password, or if you recently added a Facebook Page to your business Manager.

The result of a token needing to be reset is Live Leap will not share to your Facebook Pages or groups.  Or, Live Leap will not syndicate.

It's very easy to fix this issue, and have Live Leap share the way you want.

  1.  Easy fix - Go through and re-save your existing route.  Nothing needs to be changed, simply click Next, Next, Next, Next, Finish.  Now you can try and test again to see that it properly shares to all of your Facebook Pages and Groups.

  2. Advanced Fix (easier than it sounds) - You have to remove Live Leap as a Facebook Application under Business Integrations in your Facebook settings and re-authenticate your app.  Live Leap auto-saves your routes, and saves you time.  You simply have to re-login, and setup Live Leap as the video recommends below.

Watch the video below to learn how to easily fix this issue:

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