This is a great question! One of the things we love about LiveLocal is that the business model is not exclusive. 

The website is here to stimulate the local NZ accommodation market, so it's totally ok for hosts to advertise on LiveLocal then take their bookings through their preferred platform, whether it's Airbnb,, VRBO, or a private website.

The only requirement from LiveLocal is : no matter where a guest chooses to book, hosts will honour the LiveLocal price displayed on their listings for a period of 90 days from the day a guest enquires.

For guests it's a bit like having a lowest price guarantee!

So how do I create a section that refers guests to my other preferred booking methods?

Easy! What you need to do is create a section within your Listing Description using Markdown code. You can read more about Markdown and how to use it here.

But for now, below is a code snippet which you can copy / paste into your Listing Description, then edit to match your own external link information (update the parts where it says "yourlistingnumber" and "yourwebsitename" etc).


####We also accept bookings through:
-[Our Airbnb Listing](
-[Our Listing](
-[[Our VRBO Listing](
-[Our Private Website](
-Or simply click the "Contact" button to ask for more options.

Note: No matter how you book, we will honour the LiveLocal price displayed in this listing for a period of 90 days from today.


After you have copied this over and update it, click "Post Listing".

Your changes will create a professionally formatted section within your listing, which encourages guests to choose from a number of booking methods, or to contact you to ask for more!

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