No. LiveLocal is a marketplace advertiser only and does not offer any warranty, guarantee or insurance to hosts carrying out their accommodation business.

For absolute peace of mind, we highly recommend that hosts purchase adequate business and/or home insurance before accepting bookings, to cover any unexpected events. You may find that your existing home insurance policy provides some cover, however it will depend upon the specific policy you have. We recommend you seek advice from a professional, who is authorised by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to advise you on your insurance needs, before you begin your hosting activity.

Why does LiveLocal not offer a warranty or guarantee?

The idea behind LiveLocal is that we want to offer a low cost alternative to booking private accommodation in New Zealand, rather than building a fat intermediary that clips the ticket and gets in the way of good Kiwi hospitality. If we were to act as more than a simple advertiser, we would need to charge much more.

The downside of charging less is that we don't have the "deep pockets" to be able to act as an insurance backstop for unexpected events. To make our low cost solution work, we are counting on guests and hosts looking after their own needs by arranging adequate travel insurance, business insurance, or home insurance cover.

If you make an application to the Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand, to seek compensation from a guest related to a booking made through the LiveLocal website, we will support you by providing additional documentation from our system that is relevant to support your claim.

Can I collect money for damages through LiveLocal?

Yes. As a host, if your guest agrees to compensate you for any additional costs from damages, you can ask them to process a payment through the LiveLocal website. Read more about the best way to do this in a separate help article.

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