Hosts who intend to accept payment for bookings through the LiveLocal website need to provide a Payment method in order to receive payouts.  

How do I add my payment information to LiveLocal?

Right, lets get started.  If you get stuck at any point during this process, please reach out and Contact Us.  

1.  First, login to your account on LiveLocal.

2. Next, click on the picture of yourself in the top right, then select "Settings".

3.  Select "Payments" from the left hand menu bar. 

4.  You should see the form below:

Some important things to note about this part of the form:

  • You only get one chance to enter your Date of Birth.  If you enter it incorrectly, your account will likely not be verified by Stripe and will be placed on hold.

  • The only way to have an error in your Date of Birth corrected is to contact the LiveLocal team to ask for help.  For security reasons, any changes to your Date of Birth are subject to additional controls, therefore can't be changed at will.

  • Stripe uses your Date of Birth to retrieve a confidence score from your own bank in New Zealand.  If your bank does not recognise the Date of Birth, Name, or Address, it will return a low confidence score to Stripe.

  • Stripe will not know the correct answer for these fields, however will know something is wrong. This could mean you don't get paid!  So it's important to get these things right the first time.

5.  After you select "New Zealand" from the country list, the form will expand even bigger, as follows:

Some important things about this part of the form:

  • Please enter the name of a natural person into the First Name and Last Name boxes.  If you enter the name of a business, the verification will fail.  Stripe recognises that some people will be running a business and wish to use a business account. That's completely fine and you can, however the form for Stripe needs to be submitted in the name of an individual person who is a Director or Trustee of your business entity. 

  • Please enter your phone number in the correct format.  For example, if your phone number is 021 123 4567 then you should enter +64 21 123 4567.  

  • Your bank account number needs to be entered as shown in the example above, including '-' dashes.  If you have a 2 digit account suffix (that's the last digits at the end) then you need to add a zero.  For example, if your New Zealand bank account is 12-3456-7891011-01 then you need to enter it as 12-3456-7891011-001. 

6. When you have completed the form and reviewed it, click "Save details".

7.  Provided there were no errors on the form, you should see a confirmation message like the one below:

8.  If there are no detected issues, your acount should be verified in minutes.  If you check the Payments area again, you should see this message:

Why is it asking me for identity documents? 

If Stripe experiences issues with verifying your payment information you may be asked to complete additional verification steps.  

This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common is because Stripe arrives at a low confidence score based on the information you have provided.  Stripe is integrated with Radar Fraud Teams software, which monitors the information received using forensic techniques to detect suspicious activity. The most common causes for receiving a low confidence score is because of an incorrect date of birth, or trying to use a business name instead of the name of a director, or trying to use an incorrect address.  When this happens, Stripe will ask for further documentation in order to verify your identity.  

You will be able to tell if this has happened to you when you return to the Payment screen after initially saving your details.  There you will see that Stripe will be asking you to upload additional documents, such as a drivers licence, passport, or utility bill. 

Any documents uploaded should be provided as a clear colour image or photo, with no cropped edges or missing parts of the document.  

Once you have done this and uploaded the information, Stripe will attempt to re-verify your account based on this new information.

What if I can't get it to work? 

If you have ongoing issues and your payment method continues to show as unverified, the best thing to do is Contact the LiveLocal team for help.

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