Time to make your first Listing!

Once you have Logged In and subscribed to a Monthly or Yearly Membership (required for hosts to be able to make new listings) then you can make a new Listing on LiveLocal using these instructions.

Making a new listing

1. Click the "Post a new listing" button

2. If you aren't yet enabled to post Listings

If you are taken to this page, you'll need to follow some other instructions first explaining how to sign up for a Monthly or Yearly Membership .

3. Choose your listing Category

Here is a little more on what each of the categories mean:

4. Select Listing Type

This step is about choosing how you want to be paid for your Listing (i.e. through LiveLocal, through multiple sources, or directly to another booking platform).

LiveLocal is very supportive of Kiwi hosts and guests having the freedom they need to do things their way. This means, when you make a listing on LiveLocal, you can choose to take bookings, or else choose to simply use the LiveLocal platform to avertise and take your bookings elsewhere.

Here is a little more on what each of the listing types mean:

5. Allow Location Access

Once you choose your payment method, you may receive a popup like this.

This is just an automatic thing because we include a map of the general area of your listing. Feel free to accept, deny or ignore it completely! It doesn't really matter.

6. The listing details page

You'll be presented with the following listing screen, which is the last screen you need to complete before you can click "Post Listing". The next few steps (from step 7 onwards) will talk you through each one of these boxes in more detail.

7.  Listing Title and Price per night  

  • Listing Title is pretty self explanatory.  You'll want to give your listing an eye catching title. Feel free to use symbols too!

  • Price per night - LiveLocal uses a one-price-for-per-night, valid for 90 days into the future. This is called short to medium term pricing. 

8. Description

Here is where you want to spend your time; describing your place, its features, its charms, and everything about it that makes your place unique. We can't tell you how to describe your place but we do have some handy tips on formatting to make it look really great.

Lets start with these:

9. Type of Accommodation

Choose wether you want guests for less than 27 days, more than 28 days. Don't mind either way? You can select both! Just remember, if you take bookings for 28 days or more you may need to consider the requirements of, and your obligations under, the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

10. Where do you accept bookings?

Tick everywhere you're listed and/or happy to take payment, so guests can see clearly how many choices they have when booking your place.

We only require that if a guest contacts you with a price they found on LiveLocal, you honour that price for 90 days from today, or from the date when that price was first offered to a guest on LiveLocal.

If you want to create a link back to your listings outside LiveLocal, follow this guide.

11. Guests, beds, bathrooms and bed types:

  • How many guests can you faciliate?

  • How many beds do you have?

  • How many Bedrooms, how many Bathrooms.

  • Are you hosting an apartment, a tiny house, a farmstay etc?

Give a quick description of the bed situation, to avoid any confusion about where the sleeping arrangements are, in which room, and with what type of bed.

For example, you could say:

  • "2 Super-King beds, 1 in each bedroom"

  • "1 single downstairs, 1 double and one queen upstairs"

  • "King Double in each bedroom"

You get the idea :)

Tick everything that applies to your listing. The more things you tick the better.

Note: basic amenities are those things that guests most commonly search for in a property. Extra amenities are all the extra little touches that make a place super comfortable and welcoming!

13. House Rules

Tick any that apply. If you don't tick anything in this group, it won't appear on your listing at all so we recommend you at least tick "Quiet hours after 10pm".

Ticking one thing ensures the whole section shows up, with all the options you didn't select showing as greyed out with strike through text.  This means guests know those things are now permitted at your listings. 

14. Home Safety and Things to note:

Tick any safety features you have on the property.

In addition, you can tick here anything you want guests to be aware of. For example, it's a good idea to describe whether you have pets living on the property, or that access requires climbing stairs.

15. During your stay

This dropdown lets you tell guests where their host will be and how they can contact them during their stay. These are the choices you can choose from:

  • Expect a welcoming stay with a social host

  • Expect to have your own space, with help nearby in person

  • Expect to have your own space, with help over the phone

16. Minimum stay and check-in/checkout time:

Simply the shortest bookings you're willing to accept, as well as the time at which guests are welcome to arrive and the time they should leave by.

17. Neighbourhood, Pets and Surveillance details:

Here you can say a bit about your listing's neighbourhood. Big it up! Guests love to know a bit about the area, and you can really help sell your listing with an enthusiastic description of the neighbourhood.

Details of pets and surveillance can be noted here (if you have either on the property), such as 'Three cats roam the property'.

Describing your surveillance

In order for hosts to comply with their obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, we recommend that (as a minimum) hosts answer the following questions with regard to surveillance at their listings:

  • What is the purpose of the surveillance?

  • What surveillance products are installed and where?

  • When devices will be recording and what will they record? (i.e. sound or video)

  • Where recorded material will be stored and for how long.

As an example, this may look like this:

A Ring video doorbell is installed on the outside of the property, at the front door, for security and convenience. Guests can press the doorbell anytime, day or night, to speak to us no matter where we are. We value guest privacy, therefore the doorbell does not continuously record and faces away from the interior of cottage. When activated by motion, the camera records a short clip of people entering or leaving, which is stored securely and automatically deleted after 30 days.

18. Location

When you enter the full address of your listing here then the map will display a circle over the area (not showing the exact location) so that guests can get an idea of where the listing is.

19. Images

Photos! Nice, clear and quality photos show off your listing better than anything. Add as many as you like here and don't skimp on the frilly details. You are also allowed to add whatever text and highlights you like on your images. There are no rigid rules, so have as much fun with images as you want to!

20. Post listing

When everything is filled in and ready, click 'Post listing'.

Congratulations, you're all done!!

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