A community trying to make local travel more affordable

The LiveLocal website is a "No Frills" service with one aim; to help hosts advertise in a simple and low cost way, and to help Kiwi travellers link up with those hosts in a more direct, personal and affordable way. 

The New Zealand economy needs businesses to embrace a 'lean and affordable' approach for the short to medium term.  So we are focused on putting in place the basics so people can pay safely and feel confident.  Ultimately, we want to let our hosts be their own local Helpdesk, rather than building a fat intermediary that clips the ticket and gets in the way of good Kiwi hospitality.  

This was pretty much the central idea around how we could create the connection between Kiwi hosts and travellers, allowing flexibility, without a huge middleman cost.

Not just another 'Airbnb' business 

More than 200 volunteers came together to form an online community, during COVID19 lockdown, to discuss how a Kiwi made marketplace could help lift New Zealand tourism in the coming year. 

Through that community, we were able to ask experienced New Zealand Hosts what the biggest challenges were when it came to slashing costs. Many expressed a huge desire to make their prices more attractive to Kiwi guests, but they weren't sure where to start. Many guests also expressed a strong desire to see less 'extras' tacked on to the cost of their trip by the time they reach the check-out screen. 

An obvious place we thought to start is reducing the whopping 20% commission fees that overseas platforms tack on to prices.  Plus, we wanted to eliminate other hidden extras like 'additional guest fees' or 'cleaning fees'. These things create a big distortion between the advertised price and what guests really end up paying. 

Check out this basic example:

This is about Kiwis helping Kiwis

Lastly, this is about something bigger than us, and bigger than this website. 

This website is about getting ready to bring some life to the local tourism market in New Zealand. It is but one cog in a wheel. Even if this platform dies out in a year, so be it. But if it contributes just a little to giving New Zealand businesses a temporary rebound spike, even for a short time... then that's great for everyone. Not just for those using this website, but for every New Zealander!

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