Absolutely you can! We have made a special listing type for Hosts who want to do just that!

We know some hosts are dedicated to their existing platforms, like Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO etc.  This is why we have made a special listing type just for you, so you don't have to feel tied into taking bookings on LiveLocal.

You can access this feature when you making a new Listing. Choose "Book this price only on Other Platforms" Listing type. Using this listing type means you can advertise your place on LiveLocal, but guests can only send you an Enquiry, not book your place on LiveLocal.

You'll receive Enquiries only through the LiveLocal platform message system. 

You are welcome to take the whole booking elsewhere (i.e. to Airbnb, or whatever platform you prefer). Links to external sources are permitted in our message system, so there are no barriers to doing this.

Honouring your LiveLocal prices elsewhere

⚠️ Our only rule is that hosts continue to honour the LiveLocal advertised price, even on the other platforms (which means the price your guest pays on another platform can't exceed what they would have paid on LiveLocal).  

Honouring this price generates trust and will assist in stimulating the New Zealand travel market, which is what the website is here to do.  We want Kiwi guests to know they are getting an exclusive bargain from LiveLocal, a bit like Grab-a-seat for Air New Zealand.  

Prices advertised on LiveLocal are valid for bookings up to 90 days into the future, from the date a guest makes an enquiry.  So you aren't locked into this price forever. You can also update your price as often as you wish.

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