You may have noticed the little coffee cup symbol hovering in the bottom left corner of the website?

What is it?  It's a fundraising campaign to fund the startup costs of this project.

The BuyMeACoffee website is an entirely independent website we are using to raise money to fund the startup costs for building the LiveLocal website, and to manage the Host membership subscriptions.  The startup costs are approximately $6,500 (excluding accounting, legal and marketing fees) and we are hoping to raise roughly $2,500 of that cost through crowd funding.  

The BuyMeACoffee website model is the most popular way to raise funding for new online startups and to establish a subscription base. It is one of the biggest successes of all time!  So we are using a tried and proven method of handling donations and subscriptions for a new startup.

This is just how startup funding is "done" these days. It's not actually about coffee :)

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