No. At the moment you can't sync your LiveLocal listing calendar to another listing, either inside LiveLocal or externally on another platform (i.e. on Airbnb,, VRBO etc).

But don't sweat it, there is no risk of double booking! This is because:

  1. You can manually update your calendar availability
    It's easy to update your calendar availability manually, if you Edit your listing. So if you receive a booking elsewhere, you can simply block the nights no longer available.

  2. We don't accept instant bookings on LiveLocal
    This means you are in complete control of booking requests you accept on the platform.

  3. There are no consequences for declining a booking request
    If you decline a booking request, that's it! There are no hidden or sneaky rules, affected titles, or anything else you need to worrry about. So you can focus on accepting the bookings you can manage and worry less about double bookings.

  4. You can choose to list as an Advertisement Only on LiveLocal
    What do we mean by this? Aha, this is something totally unique to our platform. We let you list on our platform as a special listing type called "Book this price only on Other Platforms".

    This special listing type means, you will only ever receive Enquiries on the LiveLocal platform. You are absolutely welcome to take these Enquiries and direct your customers to book and pay using another method (i.e. via Airbnb,, or even by Direct Bank Transfer). There are no rules preventing you from going "off platform", which is why we have made this special listing type.

    This means, you can protect your calendar management, but still get the benefits of advertising your place on LiveLocal.

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