We don't believe in fees, so we are determined to keep LiveLocal fees as low as humanly possible!  The LiveLocal website is about breaking even, covering the basics, and letting Kiwi hosts and guests get connected during the lean times ahead.

Our model is a "No Frills" website service with one goal; to help hosts advertise in a simple and safe way, and for Kiwi travellers to link up with those hosts in a more direct and affordable way.  We are focused on putting in place the basics so people can pay safely and feel confident. 

Ultimately, we want to let our hosts be their own local Helpdesk, rather than building a fat intermediary that clips the ticket and gets in the way of good Kiwi hospitality.

This was pretty much the central idea around how we could create the connection between Kiwi hosts and travellers, allowing flexibility, without a huge middleman cost.

LiveLocal pricing

The LiveLocal website is about breaking even, covering the basics, and letting Kiwi hosts and guests get connected. That means 0% Host Commissions and only 7% Guest Commissions.  

Why charge the 7% Guest commission?

LiveLocal only retains 4% of that 7% commission, which we will use to cover the most basic operating costs.  The rest of that 7% goes to Stripe, in order to offer customers the highest level of security certification in the payments industry, including Fraud Protection. The goal of this website isn't to spin up a profit, it's to break even an create momentum for the New Zealand tourism market.

So how do nightly prices compare to elsewhere?

Below is an illustration of how the lower LiveLocal commissions translate to lower and more transparent pricing for guests. In this example, the advertised nightly rate for a listing is $120 per night on LiveLocal compared to $100 on another platform. 

This sounds more expensive, right?  Wrong. Look closer and you'll see there is a big difference because of the way other platforms charge their fees.

As you can see from the above example, the saving is visible at both ends.  If we can deliver this option to the Kiwi accommodation market, we will have achieved our aim.

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