One of the most important things when it comes to customer service is keeping your listing calendar up to date, so your customers have a good experience when trying to book your place.

In saying that, we know it is difficult for some hosts to manage their bookings across multiple platforms, especially when bulk booking requests happen suddenly.  This is one of the many reasons LiveLocal doesn't support Instant Bookings.  Plus, there is no penalty for declining a booking request.

Updating your calendar

1.  First open your listing.

2. Next, click on "Edit listing availability" as pictured below.  

3. You will see a calendar pop out to the right.  This is where to make your changes.

How to interact with the calendar: 

  • Use the arrows on the left and right of the month to move forwards and backwards in time.

  • To block off days, you only need to click on the day.  When you click on it, it will turn 'grey' in colour indicating that it is blocked. 

  • As the owner of the listing, you can block days in your calendar waaay into the future. However, guests can only see and book on LiveLocal up to 90 days into the future for the reasons explained here.

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