In this article, you can learn about how to leave a review after a booking has been completed.  Reviews can be left for hosts and guests (both sides of a transaction) so long as the booking was made and paid for on the LiveLocal system.

How do reviews work? 

  • Reviews are super simple on LiveLocal and only require a "thumbs up" a "thumbs down" plus a comment.  There are is no eye wateringly long star rating system. You just need to give a "yeah" or a "nah" and you're done. 

  • When a booking has been marked "completed", a Host and a Guest have up to 14 days to write a review for each other. 

  • The review process is not "blind", which means reviews are published on the LiveLocal website as soon as they are submitted.

  • All reviews are subject to the LiveLocal Review policy, which requires review content to be (a) unbiased, (b) pertinent, (c) factual, and (d) free from any offensive or defamatory language.  

  • If review content is reported and found to be in violation of the Review policy it may be removed. If the violation appears to be accidental, the author may be invited to submit a replacement review.

  • Once a review is submitted, it will not be removed at the request of the author, unless it violates the Review policy, or it contains personal information and is subject to a request for a correction under the Privacy Policy.

How do I leave a review?

1.  Head to your Inbox and select the conversation related to the booking.

2. Click on the converation in your inbox to view the booking

3.  Click the "Give feedback" button. 

4.  Fill in the feedback form, choose "Positive" or "Negative" then click "Send feedback"

That's it you're all done! 

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